London Group 2 (Crawford)

The Crawford Collective


The second collective group that emerged is named - in the tradition of all good uprisings - after the location of those founding meetings that fermented its existence. One of our households lives in Crawford Street in central London and as the six households comprising the group are spread far and wide across the city it seemed logical to hold our swap meetings at the halfway point.

Two years after our formation, we have amassed an interesting collection of 10 works: all two-dimensional; six original pieces and four limited edition prints. With a contribution of only £25 per month per household we have successfully targeted emerging artists and paid modest sums for works, enabling us in this early stage to build the size of our collection. We've marvelled at the disparate 'tastes' of members and enjoyed the challenge of selecting pieces.

We are marking the end of the formative phase by commissioning a unique work from the artists 'WITH' that will represent a parody of a swap meeting of the Crawford Collective. This is an exciting departure for the group, both as a significant financial investment, and for the pleasure and interest it has given group members in developing the proposal in conjunction with the artists.