London Group 1 (Founding)

'The Collective' grew out of a desire to enjoy art at home.

The first London Group (the founding group) came together as a set of friends who enjoyed contemporary art. And we wanted to spend more time with it. We enjoyed looking at art and talking about what we'd seen. And we were keen to live with art on a full time basis.

None of the group had significant financial resources, and several of us had families. As a result, none of us were in a position to buy art individually.

And so we came up with the idea of buying art collectively. We wanted to take a co-operative approach, where we pooled our resources and shared the works that we bought.

Through several group conversations we developed a series of themes that we felt were important to the way we participated in art.

We wanted to support contemporary artists, particularly 'emerging' artists, through purchase of their work.

We were clear from the outset that the project would not be an exercise in investment. Our aim was not to make money. We were not looking for well-known artists that had an established value on the art market. We wanted to take the opposite approach, looking for young artists, or artists early in their career.

We wanted to support the showing of contemporary work to new audiences in a domestic setting, including 'difficult' or challenging work, which the individual members of the group may not otherwise have chosen to display.

And we wanted to seek a greater understanding and appreciation of artworks by 'living' with them, through discussion and other educational means within the group and with other people coming into contact with the work.

We have a blog that shares stories about the Founding Collective group written by member Marie-Louise Collard (

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