Conroy/Sanderson, Untitled, 2008

Conroy/Sanderson, Untitled, 2008
Size: 57 x 38cm


Neil Conroy and Lesley Sanderson use drawing, photography and mixed media to explore subjectivity and the anxiety of how one is placed within society, a persistent and pertinent cultural issue. Playing with the conventions of portraiture, they use absence and presence to indicate states of unease and displacement. This suggests the complexity and breadth inherent in any reading of, and construction of our identities.

Originally interested in questions of gender and cultural oppositions, Conroy/Sanderson now look at how theirs and others mixed backgrounds can be looked at not as separate entities but possibly as a whole. The necessary subordination of the ego for collaboration to be successful is doubly interesting when the context for the work is identity. This also leads into an interest in how the status of the so-called “ordinary” individual is negotiated in a culture that promotes the extraordinary and over-privileges the Western.

They have shown at Tate Liverpool, The Hayward, Bronx Museum, New York and recently in ‘East International’ and ‘Strangers to Ourselves’.

Current Holder: Crawford Group