Paul Rooney, Psalm, 2008

Paul Rooney, Psalm, 2008
Title: Psalm
Medium: Silkscreen print
Size: 57 x 38cm


Paul Rooney primarily works with text, video, sound and performance. He is interested in the social and personal aspects of popular entertainment, such as music, comedy and storytelling. He often collaborates with people to engage with their working or leisure experiences, highlighting everyday practices, and peripheral positions, as potential sites for resistance to wider social structures.

Our need to structure experience as narrative in order to gain understanding, and the exemplary myth like narratives that emerge from popular music and entertainment, are important aspects of some of the works.Paul Rooney has received much national & international acclaim. He has had residencies at The British School at Rome, Dundee Contemporary Arts/University of Dundee VRC, Projecto Batiscafo, Cuba, and was the Tate Liverpool MOMART Fellow for 2002-2003. He is a founder member of Common Culture, who have shown at EAST and had solo shows at the Cornerhouse, Manchester and Gasworks, London.

Rooney’s individual practice focussed from 1998 to 2000 on the music of the ‘Rooney’ CD’s and performances, and a Radio 1FM Peel session was broadcast in October 1999. He now primarily works with text and video but performances and events continue to be part of his practice. Other recent work has been shown in Melbourne, Stockholm, Toronto, Sienna, New York, Washington, St. Petersburg and Utrecht. He is currently showing at Site Gallery.

Current Holder: Crawford Group