Simon Periton, Scarcrow, 2008 Simon Periton, Scarcrow, 2008

Simon Periton, Scarcrow, 2008 Simon Periton, Scarcrow, 2008
Title: Scarcrow
Medium: Cyanotype
Size 57 x 38cm 


Simon Periton makes highly unique types of collage/cut-paper “doilies” of intricate detail that reproduce symbols and images from contemporary culture. The confrontational nature of his subject matter provides an interesting contrast to the work’s delicately lacy Victorian form.

Periton’s work is, literally, as thin as it can be; so thin it almost isn’t there. A series of surfaces, cut or intersected, formed or carefully twisted, delineates shapes, edges, and outlines. The pieces reference paintings, but resemble line drawings. They look like hard work but speak of fun. They like to take up wall space but revel in their own insubstantiality, flirting with being nothing and insisting on being two-dimensional. Cut-outs and paper silhouettes result from a process of subtraction, of stenciling away what isn’t to leave and what remains--what is barely a micron thick, not artificial so much as gleefully superficial.

Simon Periton shows in London with Sadie Coles HQ, London. He has also recently shown at the ICA, the South London Gallery, Camden Arts Centre and the Karyn Lovegrove Gallery in Los Angeles. His solo exhibitions this year include: Simon Periton, Modern Institure, Glasgow; Flag, Henry Moore Institute: Premonitions, Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York; Virginia Creeper, Paris.

Current Holder: Crawford Group