David Mabb, After Morris and Stepanova, 2008

David Mabb, After Morris and Stepanova, 2008
Title: After Morris and Stepanova
Medium: Silk Screen William Morris
emulsion on William Morris hand
printed Wallpaper
Size 57 x 38cm


David Mabb’s work uses appropriated images, fabric, wallpaper, photographs or paintings as his starting point. Fabrics have been used for their cultural and political signification. He uses commercially reproduced copies of William Morris original textiles and wallpaper and over paints sections of them, selecting and (re)presenting them like flowers laid out on a collector’s/botanist’s specimen tray. These works allude to both the utopian projects of Modernism and William Morris’ Arts and Crafts movement. Mabb’s video work, such as ‘A Closer look at the life and work of William Morris’ parodies the documentary, in particular, the use of the rostrum camera image of the ‘artwork’ and the close-up.

David Mabb is currently researching and curating an exhibition of William Morris “ministering to the swinish luxury of the rich” at the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester, opening in April 2004. He has curated several exhibitions, as well as having exhibited his paintings, videos and photographs both nationally and internationally. He is currently Course Leader of Postgraduate Studies in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College.

Current Holder: Crawford Group