Pavel Büchler, Sorry, 2008

Pavel Büchler, Sorry, 2008
Title: Sorry
Medium: Intaglio etching
Size 57 x 38cm

Pavel Bücler is a Czech-born artist, teacher and writer, who has been living in the UK since 1981. In 1997 he was appointed Research Professor in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University where much of his current research concerns the relationship between art and political culture.

His work evolves around two fundamental concerns: time and the manipulation of found materials. Concerned with the distortions of language, he gives a critical attention to the gaps in communication, concerned as he is with the limits of the communicative properties of visual language. He often addresses the question of how to communicate the question of legibility. His art practice, which includes book projects, installations and photographic pieces, is very much embedded in his personal experience as a migrant.

His recent publications include “Somebody’s got to do it” (Art: What is It Good For, ed. Dolan Cummings, Institute of Ideas, 2002) and “Saving the Image: Art after Film” (CCA Glasgow, 2003, co-edited with Tanya Leighton). He is working with Charles Esche and Gertrud Sandqvist on a major exhibition, “Whatever Happened to Social Democracy” to be shown at the Rooseum, Malmö in spring 2004.