Kate Blacker, Untitled, 2008

Kate Blacker, Untitled, 2008
Size: 57 x 38cm


Kate Blacker was born in England and currently lives and works in France. She has exhibited extensively internationally and realised set design projects for dance, theatre and opera, as well as public commissions in France and England. Her work is included in many public and private collections; The Arts Council of Great Britain, Tate Britain, the Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Paris and the Chase Manhattan Bank..

Her work has explored the relationship of sculpture to painting and image, cinematic and scenographic space and architecture and urban iconography. Portable Glory (as illustrated) combines the form of columns no longer supporting a building but a decorative laurel crown; the pre-fab character of the corrugated metal and the transportability of otherwise fixed architectural structures undermine the guaranteed status of heroic glory.

Recent works include large scale mixed collaborative projects such as “Because it is there” which examines the events and achievements of the first aerial conquest of Mount Everest in 1933 and their unlikely correlation to art. In another work “Framed” made for the Groeninge Museum, Bruges, Blacker incorporates all the structures of contemporary fashion, glamour and marketing to illustrate her hypothesis that the first fashion images were made by Flemish Primitive artists in their paintings of the virgin. Depicted wearing the lavish and elaborate gowns of 15th century Flanders, the virgin’s iconic image gives centre stage to the courtly extravagances combined with the wealthy cloth trade of the era.
She is currently working on a proposal for a public commission in a French Lycée.

Current Holder: Crawford Group