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 Forthcoming Events

The Collective will be attending the following events:

Dates for the diary

  • 9th May 2015
    Venice Biennale:
    Want to escape the election? We’re planning a group trip to the Venice Biennale Details to follow.

  • 20th May 2015
    Art 15 Olympia, London:
    Preview 6-9pm.

Recent Events

Over recent months there have a been a number of successful events in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge and internationally as the Collective continues to grow and attracts wider interest.

You can follow the development of the Founding Collective in our new monthly blog "Collective Stories" (


  • 20 January, 2015 London Art Fair Members attended and introduced potential new group members to the Fair. 
  • Thursday 22 January 2015 James Capper, Rob Sherwood and Oliver Griffin at Hannah Barry . Members attended with an excellent demonstration by James Capper.
  • Thursday 29 January 2015 Sluice Art Fair fundraiser at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden. Some very interesting and affordable works by artists including Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Corinna Spencer and Dominic from Luton. Members introduced potential new group.


  • Members have been regular guests at a series of special events for collectors at the London home of Dutch collector, Jan Mol. His private home is a stunning conversion of a large workshop built for scene painters for the Royal Opera House and theatres around Covent Garden.
  • A collective has been established in the Netherlands through the ramfoundation
  • Collective members visited Los Angeles and Santa Barbara galleries and researched potential partners in the US
  • Outset Scotland invited the Collective to present at Mackintosh Lecture Theatre, Glasgow School of Art on A New Approach to Collecting Contemporary Art


The Collective in the News

  •           October 2014: During Frieze Art Fair The Guardian wrote a feature article on the Collective’s approach to collecting: See Owning art the affordable way

  • December 2011: The BBC Culture Showbroadcast a feature on the buying and exchange of works in London. Introduced by Andrew Graham- Dixon, presenter Alastair Sooke followed members as they researched artists in Cubitt studios and exchanged works
  • March 2011: Reuters Television filmed and broadcast the exchange of works in Spring 2011
  • November 2010: The Independent newspaper featured the organisation over a 2 page spread in its Arts section.  
  • April 2010: BBC Radio 4 'You & Yours'broadcast a ten minute article on The Collective by journalist Felicity Finch, following a purchasing trip to the Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham by the the Founding Group purchasing panel. The Group bought a painting by artist Bobby Dowler (photographs of the visit)
  • March 2010: The Times published an article on The Collective by Laura Stott 
    The collective art of doing it on the cheap
    The article gave good coverage of all of the groups.
  • January 2010: The Financial Times visited the November exchange meeting of one of the London groups, and wrote the experience up as part of an article on buying art to share. The article made up the front page of the 'House & Home' supplement in the Weekend FT.
  • August 2009:  The Telegraph: Francesca Gavin references The Collective in an article on collecting contemporary art
  • June 2009: Financial Times: Following an interview with Paul Tanner from the  Founding Group, the Financial Times reported on the Collective as part of a feature on collectors.
  • March 2009: The Birmingham Collective are referenced on the Arts Council website
  • May 2008Own Art - an interview with Rob Lee of the Collective on the Arts Council England website - as part of the ACE Own Art programme
  • May 2008Time Out- a review of Home Suite inTime Out
  • April 2008Art Best Seller #4 - an interview with Rob Lee of the Collective in the Russian Art Journal 'Art Best Seller'

Past Events


  • Outset Scotland invited the Collective to give a talk at the Scottish National Gallery
  • Attended Rotterdam Art Fair as VIP’s and held meetings to establish a new group
  • Collective AGM: Held at Institute of International Visual Arts


  • July 2011: Members of the Collective attended a special dinner to meet artist Sam Messenger at the Mann & Eve gallery’s show at Naomi Russell & Partners in London•    June, 2011: The Collective was invited by Christian Mooney, Director of the excellent Arcade gallery to a special viewing of new work by Anna Barham and Sarah Chilvers,
  • June, 2011: Annie Bacon and Robert Lee from London and Cambridge groups were invited to speak at the symposium entitled, Collecting the Uncollectable. The symposium was hosted by Market Project in association with Aid & Abet
  • May 2011: The leading legal firm, Collyer Bristow, invited Annie Bacon, Ben Eastop and Tim Eastop to present the work of the Collective at an evening event for new collectors alongside Paul Hobson, Director of the Contemporary Art Society
  • April, 2011: The Collective was invited to present its work at the Contemporary Art Society Conference, Developing the Market for Contemporary Art, at the IKON Gallery, Birmingham
  • April, 2011: Annie Bacon, Tim Eastop, Ben Eastop and Robert Lee presented an introduction to buying, sharing and living with contemporary art. As part of Aid & Abet’s Public Events programme, Cambridge. 
  • April, 2011: Rokeby Gallery invited the Collective to a special event to meet the artist Doug Fishbone. Doug talked and showed clips to the Collective members from his  feature-length film, Elmina, recently launched at Tate Britain, alongside a simultaneous exhibition of still photography from the film at Rokeby Gallery. Shot on location in Ghana, Elmina connects two vastly different cultural situations – Western conceptual art and the African home video market.
  • February, 2011: Rotterdam Art Fair invited members of the Collective to the fair as VIPs. 
  • December 2010: The Collective was invited by Cubitt Studios for a special viewing of the studios’ new portfolio collection curated by previous Cubitt curators
  • October, 2010:  The Collective was invited to participate at a key meeting about collecting contemporary craft entitled, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ at Pentagram, London
  • July, 2010: The collective was kindly hosted by the influential New Art Centre Roche Court, Wiltshire for its third National Business Meeting. After a successful meeting in the amazing Artists House the Collective members attend the opening of  the New Art Centre’s exhibition, ‘Let There Be Sculpture’, in collaboration with Hannah Barry gallery (photographs of the visit)
  • May 15th 2010: The second National Business Meeting for The Collective, this year at the British Library in Euston, London. We will discuss the expansion of the Collective and how to manage the growth. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting to contribute ideas and help firm up actions.
  • April 9, 2010: The Collective contribute to debate at the Collectors Salon at The Economy of the Gift - A Foundation Liverpool
  • Friday 18th December 2009: Rollo Gallery - Collective viewing for 'The Body in Women's Art Now: Embodied: Part 1'
  • Friday 16th October 2009: National Collective Exhibition. We are planning the first national Collective exhibition in Bristol, at the Tobacco Factory, where George Ferguson has kindly offered his wonderful loft space. Some information about this has already been sent and further details will follow from Louise Copping
  • Friday 2nd October 2009: Multiple Store Collective Evening - Nick Sharp has invited all Collective members to an evening at the Westbrook Gallery on Friday 2 October. It will be a great opportunity to see a wide range of works by excellent artists.
  • Saturday 25th July 2009: "Sharing and Collecting Contemporary Art" The first meeting of the newly formed "Wyseing Collective" at the highly regarded Wyseing Arts Centre in the beautiful countryside outside Cambridge
  • Tuesday 21st July 2009: The Collective Birmingham will explore the professional life of three local artists/groups with growing national and international reputations in the art world: Simon & Tom Bloors who recently had its first large scale solo exhibition 'As Long as it Lasts' at Eastside Projects, Juneau Projects and Elizabeth Rowe. Existing members of the group have decided that to show their commitment to supporting local galleries and artists, it will mark its formation through sponsorship of Eastside Projects 'Legacy Project for Eastside'. A Silver Birch tree from Simon & Tom Bloors recent show, will be planted in the forthcoming City Park. The group will also acquire a limited edition print to begin its collection.
  • July 4th 2009: National Business Meeting at Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, Camden. We are planning a business meeting to discuss the expansion of the Collective and how to manage the growth. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting to contribute ideas and help firm up actions.
  • July 4th 2009: A wonderful curated show has been installed at the home of Mark Blackburn from the AWOL group in London to which all the Collective groups are exclusively invited. More details to follow about this experiment in curating and collecting. This is a possible model that groups may wish to follow in future
  • July 2009: Birmingham Collective group aims to become fully fledged through the collective purchase of a new work in July as part of The Art of Collecting, a series of events supported by Arts Council England and Arts & Business to nurture collecting and market development in the West Midlands. Members from London have been supporting Sarah Allen in establishing the group.
  • On June 12th 2009, at 7pm: Rokeby Gallery in London are inviting all members of Collective groups to a special event to meet the artists behind the intriguing agency known as WITH. The Crawford Group in particular is interested in commissioning WITH to produce a new work. With recent events at ICA, Hayward Gallery and Tate, WITH 'performs' as a 'self-help company' providing a range of 'Life Enhancement Products' and is positioned somewhere between conceptual art and corporate satire. Its 'products' seek to dissect our obsessions, principles and economic ideals. This will also be a good opportunity for us to get together again, socialise and informally discuss the Collective's future plans. For those interested, the event will be followed by a visit to the SHUNT LOUNGE, the rather weird and seductive experimental theatre/live art venue in the catacombs beneath London Bridge.

May - June 2008


Home Suite

Home Suite is a new site-specific promenade performance by the artist Kathryn Fry that uses domestic habit and routine to explore ideas of freedom and control.  

Commissioned by the Collective, a group of people who buy art jointly to display in their own homes, the work examines how we perceive time and ultimately how we might control it. 

In the performances, we watch as a chorus of seven identical females navigate spaces of domesticity on seven days, weaving a narrative arc that describes the evolution of a marriage, its bearing on romance and the effect of both on domestic routine and the role of a housewife.  

During the daily absence of the husband, the bloom of romance begins to fade as novelty is confronted by reality and adventure tends to the tedious. Whether to recapture or to forget that which is felt to be slipping away, Home Suite’s characters turn to a new relationship. The home becomes their primary focus, offering its own form of romance, its comforts and rewards. It calls for a full investment, both physical and emotional.But ultimately it betrays. The habits and rituals, chores and routines, the day planned, the details and obsessions, are not life, they are irrelevant to life and distract from living. Conversely, perhaps perversely, they offer a distraction from the fear of discovering there is no longer anything else. 

Home Suite is played out in the homes of the Collective. These vary from house to apartment to barge but the story unfolds across the same zones in each, providing a spatial link from site to site. Taking site-specificity to its purest form, nothing can be invented, nothing can be put there that has not been previously chosen and placed by the owners.  

Unseen, we follow Home Suite’s characters as their days unravel. At times we are free to roam, whether as part of a group or alone; at others we are held in each room - even seemingly under the characters’ control.

Home Suite and The Collective is supported by the Arts Council England.

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